June 15th and 30th, 19.30, The Ochota Cultural Center

Jan is from Afghanistan. He had to leave his country in 2000 and after seven years he came to Europe. Now he works in his own pizzeria in Bologna, Italy. His seven-years journey thorough Afghanistan at war, Pakistan, Turkey and Greece became an inspiration for the participants of Strefa WolnoSłowa’s workshop. Verbal and movement improvisations evolved into a play about refugee travel to Europe. Amateur actors, who from February 2013 take part in Strefa WolnoSłowa’s workshop in the Ochota Cultural Center, prepared a performance, where real stories of Afghan refugees intertwine with Voltaire’s ‘Candid, or Optimism’ that creates a theatrical framework.

Direction: Alicja Borkowska

Text: Tomasz Gromadka

Cooperation during the workshop: Weronika Chinowska

Cast: Małgorzata Biernadska, Radosław Czubacki, Aleksandra Górecka, Ela Jankowska, Rafał Kosiński, Noé Nitot, Olivier Noël, Lon Peterson, Mateusz Pietrzak, Łukasz Prusiński, Marysia Starzewska, Alina Synakiewicz, Stanisław Szewczyk, Ewelina Szmołda, Zuzanna Śmiechowska, Magdalena Wiszniewska, Łukasz Zdunek

The performance was realized as a part of Strefa WolnoSłowa’s festival of creative action. The festival was realized in cooperation with the Ochota Cultural Center and is co-financed by Ochota District.