Is this the Europe? >

Performance-dinners are new way of performing organized by Strefa WolnoSlowa at the Stol Powszechny. They are inspired by South American community theatre’s tradition, which involve either professional artists or amateurs. The inspiration come from belles-lettres, non-fiction, histories from participants’ life and problems of our present days.

Our first performance-dinner “Is this the Europe?” is a story of Jan Nawazi’s life and journey. Jan Nawazi is an Afghan Hazar who had to leave his country in year 2000 because of the war. He is an amateurs in acting and Strefa WolnoSłowa conduct series of interviews with him. After seven years of journey he reach the Europe. But he did that with a help of people smugglers , after walking miles on food, hiding in tracks’ crates, pacing the sea and working in casual jobs to earn money to be able to go further. Now Jan has his own pizzeria named „Kabulogna” in Bologna in Italy where he is working.

His tough journey from war countries – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Greece, inspired Strefa WolnoSlowa’s multicultural group to create an performance which is a story about refugee travel to dreamed Europe.

Strefa WolnoSłowa with Ray Dickaty and Piotr Dąbrowski from Improvisers Orchestra, presenting performance-dinner where refugees’ stories interweave with Wolter’s “Kandyd, czyli optymizm” – frame of our theatrical story.
Premiere – 24.10.2015 in Stół Powszechny

Director: Alicja Borkowska
Playwright: Tomasz Gromadka
Cast: Mamadou Ba „Goo”, Ivan Diaz, Anna Fiszer, Viera Hres, Viktoria Ivanova, Elżbieta Jankowska, Patryk Kołakowski, Szymon Noga, Mohamed Oujaa, Alessandro Palumbo, Jose Luis Serrano, Bartłomiej Smoleński, Małgorzata Sokołowska, Inga Shemaeva, Angelika Szkołuda, Mikołaj Szymański, Joanna Szyndler, Zuzanna Śmiechowska, Marina Tsedronska, Swietłana Zawadzka.
Music: Ray Dickaty i Piotr Dąbrowski
Visual art: Maria Porzyc
Chef, Menu: Prosper Panasiuk
Production assistants: Weronika Chinowska, Magdalena Duszyńska-Łysak
Service: Ganna Legutko