He and She – characters of Raymond Carver’s Cathedral exchange letters. Instead of writing, they record their experiences and thoughts on cassettes, which then, they send to each other. This extraordinary relationship between a woman and her blind friend lasts for years. After years of exchanging cassettes, they meat during a dinner in her house, with her husband home.

Participants of Strefa WolnoSłowa’s multicultural theater workshop were inspired by Cathedral to improvise and create. A performance, which delves into the subjects connected with our image of foreigners, has been crafted. It also talks about the stereotypes of people ‘not from here’ and about a true meeting, which can be an antidote to the schematic, dehumanizing thinking about other people.

On the other hand, ‘I’m Talking to You about Poland’ is a play, which looks at Polish society and tradition through the eyes of foreigners living in Warsaw, the script also consists their thoughts about Poland nowadays, it’s history and about political and social events important for Poland.

Actors taking part in the multicultural theater workshop, which resulted in ‘I’m Talking to You about Poland’, together 20 people, come from different background and countries, among others Ukraine, Belarus, Macedonia, Cuba, Russia, Armenia. An intergenerational as well as multicultural group was created, consisting of people from Poland as well as foreigners who have been living in Warsaw for a long time or who just came here. The script is based on true stories and improvisations of the participants.

Direction: Alicja Borkowska

Text: Tomasz Gromadka

Video: Piotr Mikuć

Lights: Sebastian Klim

Cast: Weronika Chinowska, Haik Gasparyan, Viktoriya Ivanova, Jurij Jelin, Veronica Los, Anastasiya Lytovka, Olivier Noel, Natalia Pracz, Oscar Pena, Lewon Petrosjan, Łukasz Prusiński, Victoria Rosovetska, Ruzan Sargsjan, Marta Sayed, Julia Semchuk, Bojan Vasilevski, Yuliya Vasileuskaya, Marina Vileita, Nina Volontey.

Partners: Staromiejski Dom Kultury, Studio Teatralne Koło

Workshop and performance has been organized as a part of Strefa WolnoSłowa’s project ‘Otwarte!’, co-financed by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.