I’ll Bring my Backyard Here is a theatre journey with migrants and refugees across invisible cities in Brodno, Targowek district.  It  was premiered on 18th of August 2012 within the project Exile Warsaw.  In the performance, which took place in urban space, the actors were Poles as well as migrants and refugees living in Poland – participants of multicultural theatre workshops run by Strefa WolnoSlowa.

How can you be born and die in the same city? How can you spend more than a month in one city, with the same people? After all, there’s an infinite number of cities, an infinite number of people, possibilities.  Cities on the map and in the imagination. Cities from stories and memories. Cities, which the contemporary ones used to be, and cities which they will become.  And in all of them there are people – alive, dead, imagined, likely. They live in me and we have a great time together.  In my life there’s constantly a new party.  And you?  You are sitting here all the time with an assenting court. Excerpt from the performance: Tomasz Gromadka
The performance I’ll Bring my Backyard Here is a mosaic of stories, characters, events and situations that make up the image of the city.  Multicultural and multigenerational.  During the workshops the starting point for improvisation and dramaturgy were “Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino.  The book became an inspiration for exploring the nature of travel, recalling places where the participants come from,  stories about Poland and Warsaw as seen by migrants and confronting them with the stories of people who have lived here forever. Traveller Marco Polo wants to convince the great Chan, an emperor whose court he visited, that being on the move, constantly exploring new places and meeting new people is better than stagnation and security of a peaceful life.

A theatre of migrants became a theatre migrating around Warsaw, and at the same time around other cities – those visible and invisible ones, real and fictional.  We also invited the audience to take part in our journey, and the migrants together with the local residents became our guides.

The performance involved participants of the multicultural drama workshop (i.a. from the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Pakistan, Cuba) as well as senior residents of Targowek and refugees from the Centre for Refugees in Targowek.

It seems that due to the fact that we are from different cultures we can have a problem with dialogue, but in fact we don’t discuss differences, we simply make a performance. We just play together. It helps us with communication – says Adel Dune from China, a participant of the workshops.


The performance was realized within the project Exile Warsaw , under which a documentary was also made. The documentary shows the stories of people who took part in this theatre event, as well as the method of work used by the foundation during multicultural workshops.


The idea, conducting of workshops and direction:

Alicja Borkowska



Tomasz Gromadka

Workshop cooperation:

Joanna Szyndler, Aldona Kiełkowska, Natalia Szelachowska

Video: Piotr Mikuć


Weronika Chinowska, Marzena Dzierzba, Hayk Gasparyan, Jurij Jelin, Karolina Kamińska, Nadzieja Klimowicz, Anastasia Lytovka, Raheel Nawaz, Monika Ngo Thu , Olivier Noël, Barbara Olejnik, Oscar Pena, Lewon Petrosjan, Ruzan Sargsjan, Marta Sayed, Aleksander Sokyrko, Jeff Treisbach, Julia Vasilevskaya, Bojan Vasilevski, Nina Volontey, Magdalena Wiszniewska, Anna Zakrzewska.

The performance involved participants of the multicultural drama workshop as well as senior residents of Targowek and refugees from the Centre for Refugees in Targowek.


Organizer: Strefa WolnoSlowa
Sponsors: The project was realized with the support of the European Commission, within the programme “Youth in action”
Media patronage: TVP Kultura, Kontynent Warszawa
Partners: Dom Kultury Zacisze, PZ ERI Oddział Rejonowy Warszawa Targówek, Skamiejka


This project has been realized with the financial support of the European Commission.  The material reflects only the view of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use of the information contained.