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“The feast is about to start! Come crowded boats, pontoon full of broken families, hooking the prey truck. The living and the dead, when fished out from the sea, shot a bullet-born in Europe, Russia and the United States. Come with lands dried up sources of income, instead of the sun for illumination metallic glow tanks. Come from the depths of your otherness and the intersection of hope. I’m waiting for you. The warmth food gushes over the table, it creates a caring, tireless clouds, which accept and accommodate all”.

The new performance team Strefa WolnoSlowa implemented in cooperation with the Baza Theatre is loosely inspired by “Babette’s Feast” Karen Blixen story for thirty (and perhaps more, this one to the end never know) actors and six boxes. Biographies of migrants and refugees living in Warsaw and stories of people traveling to Europe on boats, or under the chassis of trucks interspersed sometimes with unreal, sometimes humorous stories about dreams and expectations of the new state and their confrontation with reality.

Cast: Ivan Diaz, Anna Fiszer, Hayk Gasparyan, Barbara Herman, Vira Hres, Victoria Ivanova, Elżbieta Jankowska, Jurij Jelin, Sviatoslav Kariuk, Olivia Klochko, Marina Kotnova-Tsedronska, Artem Kozlov, Veranika Los, Liudmyla Moriak, Azika Tantasheva, Kamilla Tantasheva, Khaticha Yagyevna Tantasheva, Olivier Noël, Szymon Noga, Emilia Piechowska, Vita Shakaraban, Zuzanna Śmiechowska, Katarzyna Smolikat, Mikołaj Szymański, Małgorzata Szymańska, Ewa Świerczewska, Magdalena Wiszniewska, Olga Vigovskaya, Fenglan Xu, Oleska Zoloto-wa, Natalia Żurawska.

Director: Alicja Borkowska
Playwright: Tomasz Gromadka i Grzegorz Ryczywolski
Dramaturgical cooperation: Olga Ślepowrońska
Organizational cooperation: Weronika Chinowska
14th December, 2014 – Baza Theatre