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The 27th of June 2015 in Warsaw there was the first bicycle performance named “Bicycle thieves”. It was a result of three months theatre, music, visual, poster and stenography workshops. All workshops were under a project “Migrating stories”.

The inspiration to create the performance was Vittorio de Sika’s film “Bicycle Thieves” – story, scenes and themes were used to make choreography, monologs, dialogues, stage and performative actions, video and sounds. Our performance is a mix of De Sika’s story, biographies of members of workshop and stories of refugees. “Bicycle thieves” is a reflection on a city and its openness to foreign – those who has just came and those who had been adapting to a new city for a while.

Strefa WolnoSłowa invited migrants, Polish people, cyclists, engineers, actors, artists, graphics, drawers, musicians, bike enthusiasts and any other enthusiasts. “Bicycle Thieves” is a performance about refugees and with refugees. It is about poor and rich, about fathers and sons, with fathers and sons. It is about work, lack of work and looking for job. It is about necessity and refusal to adapt to the rules in force and about feeling alienated and responsible.
Three months of workshops and creating together was ended with the performance which involved actors and the public to ride bicycles all together in Warsaw.

Trailer of performance

Organizer: Strefa WolnoSłowa
The project was co-financed by City of Warsaw
Partners: UNHCR Polska, Stowarzyszenie Plan B, NextBike, Plac Zabaw, Bar Studio, Plac Defilad, Dwa Osiem, Studio Teatralne “Koło”, Zmiana Organizacji Ruchu, Teatr Powszechny, Fundacja “Ocalenie”, Zespół Kancelarii Adwokackich Plac Zbawiciela 2, Veturilo
Media Partners: TVP Kultura, Kontynent Warszawa, Radio dla Ciebie