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14, 15 April 2018; 7.30 p.m.
Powszechny Theatre, Small Stage

A body is lying on the beach. Seems human but isn’t. Seems animal but isn’t. The body is moving, making sounds. We’re trying to establish communication, using language, gestures, sounds, stories. We’re trying to tame it, make it human. Right, but what does it mean to be human? We go back to the source – there used to be several human species on Earth. How did it happen that only Homo sapiens has survived? How and why did Homo sapiens annihilate all the sister species and subjugate the world of other living beings?

The play is the first part of the ‘Animals – Humans – Gods’ drama trilogy by Strefa Wolnosłowa.

Script: Przemysław Pilarski
Director: Alicja Borkowska
Music: Ray Dickaty
Starring: Mamadou Go Ba, Veranica Los, Justyna Laskowska-Otwinowska, Stephane Rutten, Łukasz Wójcicki

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