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The 16th of May on the Small Stage of Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw there was a premiere performance of Strefa WolnoSłowa and the Foundation for Development “Beyond Borders”.

Multicultural theatre group from Strefa WolnoSłowa foundation faced with a story about childhood conducted from the perspective of a mature man who returns to memories of events, images and feelings that shaped his life choices, identity, views of the world and people. Biographies of participants, Poles and migrants and refugees living in the capital, a reference to the images, events and situations of the past, the country of origin, countries wandered before the arrival to Poland was the impulse for the creation of copyright texts, scenes and choreography. Topics related to identity formed at the crossroads of cultures and languages in the dependent important historical moments are interspersed with stories of participants in the workshops, which take place against the background of today’s political conflicts, the social situation in Europe and the key events of our times.

Director: Alicja Borkowska
Playwright: Tomasz Gromadka
Stage designer: Kinga Nowicka
Lights designer: Sebastian Klim
Visual art: Maria Porzyc
Cast: Mamadou Ba „Goo”, Weronika Brączek, Lusine Duryan, Paweł Fusiara, Agnieszka Gietko, Nieves Herrero, Tatiana Kaziv, Igor Klepikov, Anna Lipska, Mohamed Oujaa, Alessandro Palumbo, Reza Samadzadeh, Jose Luis Serrano,Bartłomiej Smoleński, Hanna Sokołowska, Małgorzata Sokołowska, Inga Shemaeva, Yuliya Soroka, Angelika Szkołuda, Xenie Vicaire, Wojciech Węgrzyński, Swietłana Zawadzka, Allan Zelaya

Organizer: Strefa WolnoSłowa Foundation, Foundation for Development “Beyond Borders”
Partners: Teatr Powszechny im. Zygumnta Hübnera in Warsaw, Zbigniew Raszewski Theater Institute

Media Partners: Kontynent Warszawa