The City Theater goes beyond the workshop and theater rooms, gets inspirations from the real stories, listens the sounds of the city and search its stories. The city and theater penetrate each other, theater steps into a city space and the stories which built the city structure co-create theater.

In range of this years exploration of the city space thanks to The City Ghettos of Today project we start the artistic workshops for youth in the ‘Kadr” Cultural Centre.

During the workshops we will create short theatrical and video pieces inspired by the stories of migrants living in Warsaw and by the change that the presence of the national and ethnic minorities causes in the city areas.

In the workshop took part the youth from three Warsaw schools: Gimnazjum nr 6, z LXV LO im. gen. Józefa Bema oraz z X LO im. Królowej Jadwigi.

The project is rezlized with a support of the Educational Office of the Warsaw Municipality.