Theater workshops for Roma children and teens were organised by Strefa WolnoSlowa in Integration Support Centre for Children and Youth “Stokrotka”. The outcome performance was presented in Dom Kultury “Arsus” on 20th November 2012.

A group of 12 Polish and Roma children and teenagers, aged from 10 to 14, took part in the workshops. They were all residents of Ursus district.  The workshops  aimed at stimulating the creativity of the participants, developing their imagination, getting them interested in the theatre and art, and also teaching a lesson of tolerance and acceptance.

The first part of the workshop consisted of drama fun and games developing expression, rhythm, concentration and reflex and teaching openness to others.  We also taught children basic acting tasks as well as working with a prop and the body.

In the second part we were preparing the performance.  The participants received a script drawn up by the foundation’s dramatist, based on the Italian book Il circo capovolto by Milena Magnani.  The roles were assigned and we began rehearsing, starting with a read-through and moving on to rehearsing with costumes, props and stage design.

The performance raised  the issues of tolerance and prejudice, tragic consequences of aggression towards others and the value of friendship and the impact of art. Both the members of the Roma community living in Ursus as well as district authorities came to the opening night of Kek Cirkusz in Dom Kultury „Arsus“.