NEXT DOOR 2013 >

A theatre project of Strefa WolnoSlowa foundation in Ochota district

In February 2013 Strefa WolnoSlowa started multicultural theater workshops in the Ochota Cultural Centre. The workshop group consisting of 15 participants was working on Voltaire’s “Candid”, the final outcome of the workshop – the performance “You can see Europe” was presented in June 2013 during “Next Door” festival organised by Strefa. During the two-day-long festival there were many other attractions, too, like multicultural fairy-tale reading, creative workshops run by migrants and open for the local community as well as a one-day-long intensive theater workshop ending in an artistic urban action.

Coordination of the project: Tomasz Gromadka


The project was realized with the support of the Warsaw Municipality, of the Ochota district.