The call is open for actors, non-professional artists, constructors, designers, musicians, bicycle enthusiast. For all those who would like to take part in theater, music, scenography, graphic and visual workshops in the intercultural groups! And who, after three months – on the 27th of June – would like to take a bike and cross Warsaw stealing a bit of time and space from the city. The project is open for all those who have already some theatrical and art experience as well as for those for who the participation in a theater event will be something brand new!

We plan an invasion. A city invasion in the public spaces. An invasion on the squares, backyards, streets. Invasion of the city centre by those who are usually on the peripheries of the city life. It is going to be a huge theater and bicycle feast in which can participate everybody no matter if he has a bike and no matter he has or not an artistic and migrant experience. We are going to make a lot of noise, occupy a lot of space, we are going to create spaces for the common spontaneous celebration, for the crowdy being together, for an exploration, storytelling, moving, watching, talking, discovering.

It is going to be a performance about the refugees – with refugees. About the poor and rich – with the participation of the poor and rich. And about fathers and sons – with the participation of fathers and sons. It is going to be a theater piece about work, about lack of work and continuous searching for it. About the need and disagreement to adapt to the general rules and about the sense of responsability, belonging and alienation.

The bicycles are going to become a tool to tell the stories, are going to be not only the way of transport but also will become the music instruments and scenography elements creating a coherent part of the performance. Artistically deformed during the scenography workshops will play, tell stories, become a source of the video projections, screens and sources of sound.

Three months of the collection of the stories and common creation are going to involve Polish and refugees living in Warsaw – people of different ages and different life experiences to built an interactive bicycle theater event. Creative workshops will involve those that have participated in theater and art events before and those for which the artistic creation is something completely new. An interactive performance concluding the creative workshop work is going to be open for the huge audience and is going to become not only a huge theater feast but first of all it is going to be an occasion for the Warsaw habitants to discover the stories of refugees traveling to Europe as well as those living in Poland.

WHEN? we start on the 25th of March at 7 p.m. – on this first project meeting we will tell you more about the event, you will meet all the project team and the workshop leaders, we will inform you also about the workshop dates and details about our work for the next three months, come!

WHERE? DOM Strefy WolnoSłowej (under construction) in the Sp.Zoo, Burdzińskiego 5 street 

TO SIGN IN (until 24th March): – in the mail please include a short info about yourself and please let us know why you would like to participate in the project, mark as well kind of workshops that interest you the most to sign in for!



An inspiration for the workshop work is going to be the film Bicycle Thieves. Story, images, scenes and motives from the movie are going to be used as a starting point for a creation of the choreographies, monologues, texts, stories, theater and performative actions, videos and sounds. In the dramaturgy of the final performance De Sica’s story will cross refugee stories, biographies of the project participants and other materials collected during the workshop period. Creative workshops are going to become a reflection about the city and its openness to the strangers, to the newcomers and to those who have been trying to organize their life in it for some time now. Creation of the performance dramaturgy based on the De Sica’s story will confront the character from the Bicycle Thieves with the migrant situation. The main De Sica’s character observes the city life, but he does not participate in it. He watch places, meetings and events as through the window, he does not identify with the rules and laws organizing the social life in the city. Institutions that he contact don’t play their role and the unwritten social rules are strange for him. What happens to him is not understandable, it’s even surrealistic in some moments. All the efforts to understand what is going on around him end up in a defeat. In all the actions the eyes of his son are following him. The eyes pointed at him with a huge hope for a change of the family situation. We are going to analyse the story of the De Sica’s character and the collected refugee stories through the analogy of the situations, problems and challenges between both. Our performance’s main character is going to become a father, traveling with his son, responsible for finding the job, maintening the family, sent by the family with a mission and afraid of a defeat and disappointment in the eyes of his son.  The huge theater event is going to be a conclusion of the workshop work. It will involve actors and public in the common bicycle tour in Warsaw. During this special tour we are going to discover parts of the performance story.



The work in range of theater workshops will consist of writing texts, building choreographies, scenes and monologues as well as of a collaboration with music, scenography and visual workshop groups. Thanks to this approach the participants will get to know theater as an interdisciplinary kind of art, will get the knowledge and skills not only in basic acting, work with space, with object, in building monologues and dialogues, but also will learn how to think about a theater work as about a possibility of mixing different art languages. They discover a richness that the work with musicians or visual artists can bring to the work on a theater piece. First workshop meetings will focus on the integration games and exercises, basic acting tasks, theater games, individual and group improvisations, on the work in the space, work with body and voice. Second part of workshops will focus on the work with text and on building the materials for a commonly constructed dramaturgy. Bicycle Thieves of De Sica and other texts of culture (poems, literary texts fragments linked thematically with the film) will become an inspiration, a starting point for the improvisations and construction of the characters, stories, mini-scripts. Bicycle Thieves will become a frame of the story in which the participants will use their own experiences, stories, creativity.



During the workshops the participants will create artistic bicycles for actors, bicycles-props to be used in the performance scenes, bicycles-instruments and bicycles-screens to be used for the projections of the visual workshops results. By the workshops participants will discover how every single object, even the most common and of everyday use, can become an artistic object. First workshop meetings are going to be dedicated to the experiments with objects – in this case with objects present as motives in the Bicycle Thieves – the cinematographic inspiration of the project, so with bicycles, bicycle elements, leathers, paper documents, posters. In range of the first workshop meetings we will be asking ourselves about all possible, but different than everyday, functions of these objects and about the possibilities of using them in the performance. The base for our improvisations will become a question: what these objects can become, what they can be used for if we take away their basic function and will treat them as forms to which we can add new meanings? Inspired by the well known artists work and by the discussions during our first experiments we start projecting and then making up our projects of bicycles-props-scenography elements for the final performance of the project.



Workshop group in collaboration with other creative groups of the project and leaded by the professional music artists is going to create a music for the final performance and bicycle tour through Warsaw using the skills and sounds collected during the project meetings. A Bicycle Orchestra is going to be created – built by the workshop participants and by the professional musicians this traveling orchestra will cross the city during the final performance. The workshop is open for those having their own instruments and musical experience as well as for amateurs interested to know the basics of the music composition, experiments with sound and voice. In range of the workshops the participants will get to know the basics of the musical improvisation, in which the sounds of the traditional instruments are going to mix with the city sounds, with voices and non-instrumental music. First part of the workshops will be dedicated to the group integration, to improvisation with instruments, sounds created by the objects of everyday use and to the singing and voice exercises. The second part of the workshop is going to focus on the creation of music forms inspired by the Bicycle Thieves, refugee stories and by other project’s themes.



Workshops that put together the creative writing meetings and work on the graphic elaboration of the ideas, slogans, thoughts. Workshop participants will create short literary forms as well as their graphic representations, interpretations or simple illustrations on the project themes. The film Bicycle Thieves and stories of migrants and refugees living in Warsaw will become an inspiration to create short literary forms and illustrations referring thematically to human rights, problems faced everyday by the foreigners living in Poland, social problems connected with precarity and unemployment. During the workshops the participants will get to know the work of the most famous Polish graphic designers and the basics of work with the typography. Workshops are going to be concluded by the one day happening using the posters created during the workshops. The happening organized on the 20th of June on the World Refugee Day is going to become a short preview of the bicycle performance prepared by other workshop groups.



Workshops will be based on the creative use and artistic elaboration of the migrants and refugees stories and on the creative reinterpretation of the motives from the De Sica’s film. Workshop participants will learn how to choose the best and most effective tools for the realization of their own and common group ideas, using elements of the stop motion animation, of the document and video art. Visual materials created will be used as integral part of the final performance – during the tour with the audience and during the performance chapters. Creation of the video materials for the performance will permit the participants to know the basics of the video editing, animation and specificity of the construction of the multimedia scenography. Theatrical projections should come along with the music, scenography, choreography and directors vision. They should accompany the scenes and develop the performance themes. This kind of work asks the artist to be open and able to communicate with other performance creators. All this make theater a special experimental space for the visual artist.

Project “Migraiting stories” is is realized thanks to the support of the Cultural Office  - City of Warsaw.