The project consist of the series of artistic workshops and professional trainings addressed to the intercultural groups of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and EU citizens in three cities: Warsaw, Antwerp and Bologna. At the conclusion of the workshop work in every city interactive performances will be created and presented several times in different venues. The project aims to become an unique trans-sectoral platform – all the participating organisations, institutions and small enterprises are willing to create a permanent network concentrated on the cultural and artistic creation as well as on the work placement of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. We plan to involve refugees and asylum seekers in the artistic creation in the new countries and in the same time to give them basic knowledge and skills to work in the field of art, culture, craft and gastronomy in the country in question. As the very common problem for newcomers to Europe is the lack of the recognition of their studies and professions done in the countries of origin we would like to create a space in which people with the skills of different fields (acting, music, video-making, crafts, cooking, technical skills) can get a training and share their knowledge and abilities for the creation of an art piece. In this way the project on one hand uses the skills and talents of refugees putting them into light and making their talents and skills useful in creating a performance and on the other hand gives refugees tools and knowledge needed to work in the fields in question in the new country. During the project a part of the local workshops and events are planned also 3 international meetings (study visit, mid-evaluation meeting and conference) and international artists/trainers exchange. The audiovisual materials created during the workshops will be exchanged between the cities and, at the conclusion of the project, will be edited in one artistic documentary to be screened in all the project cities.

The project in Warsaw is divided in two editions of the artistic and professional workshops leaded by the members of Strefa WolnoSłowa foundation and concluded by the creation of the performances in Theater Powszechny (one in mid 2017 and one in mid 2018). The workshop work is based on the four types of artistic workshops run by the professional artists collaborating with Strefa WolnoSłowa and having experience in running the artistic activities for the groups of migrants, refugees and people not necessarily professionally connected to the art world. The groups are open for maximum 30 participants each (between them refugees and people from the local community). There is a theatre, dance, music and video group. The work in range of workshops consist of building choreographies, scenes and monologues as well as of music, scenography and video for the performances. The first part of the workshops each year – from January to April is going to be dedicated to the workshop work and trainings, the second part – May and June – is going to be a work on the performance production in which every workshop group will participate. Beside to the artistic work on the performance – the professional workshops will be launched taking care about the technical aspects of the performances. After the premiere of the performance in June 2017 the performance in its integral form and in parts/extracts is going to be shown during the season 2017/2018 in other theater and venues all over Warsaw.

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