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ATLAS – the transgenerational project of Strefa WolnoSłowa Foundation
European History Atlas Under Construction

The project aims to explore the thematic of the European memory and history with the special interest in the todays history education of young migrants, refugees and migrants of second and third generation. Project is going to involve artistic, cultural and accademic organizations dealing with the themes of history, migration, art and education. The project will be based on the involvment of youth and seniors with the European and migrant backgrounds. The reflection from the transgenerational and transcultural perspective by collection of the individual memories and stories that build our History is going to become a starting point for the research about the construction of history and memory in todays Europe.
How to find the balance between the European and non-european knowledge? How to talk about history and memory of Europe in todays multicultural societies? How to exchange knowledge and skills between generations and how to get the inspirations not only from the European but also from the non-European experiences of dealing with the past and history? What migrants living in Europe and todays European citizens from the second and third migrant generation study during their history lessons at school and how this knowledge is confronted with the knowledge of their land of origin, authority of their parents and grandpartents? Does our collective history is being redefined taking into consideration the presence of the new citizens with the non-european background? What are the ways to deal with the diversity of histories of the new European citizens to build a common European future?
The project will try to answer these questions by the research and artistic work on the individual biographies of European citizens, young and senior migrants and Europeans with the non European family roots,so of direct and indirect testimonies of the historical events of the years of formation of the European Union after the II World War and of the chosen crucial historical moments.

The project aims to raise the reflection about the crucial moments in our collective history basing its activities on the interviews with the grandparents of todays around 20s years old youth – as with those who are the last direct testimonies of the crucial moments in the Europes history that shaped the todays European realities.

Organizer: Fundacja Strefa WolnoSłowa
Partners: Cantieri Meticci (Italy), Università di Bologna (Italy), ARCI (Italy), Cie Check Points (France), Teatr Powszechny im. Zygmunta Hübnera (Poland), KunstZ (Belgium), Instytut Badań Literackich PAN (Poland)

Project is financial supported by European Commision – Program Europe for Citizens and co-financed by Evens Foundation

This project has been funded with support of the European Commission. This communication reflects only the views of the author, and the Commission can not be held responsible for its content merits.

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