Exile Warsaw 2014 >

“Exile Warsaw 2014″ –  project of creative activities involving refugees, migrants and Poles  in Targówek!

The project contained the workshops stories and multicultural theater workshops open to the community of Warsaw – in particular residents, refugees and migrants living in the Targówek district.

The project was divided into workshops stories in Club “Kołatka” on which we collected stories of local residents – young, seniors and refugees, and the theater workshops which focused on the artistic processing of the collected history and construction of these short forms of theater and monologues. The theater forms based on stories of the district created by inhabitanst were composed to dramaturgy of interactive theatrical event “Short stories of long waiting” in a open space in Targówek.

The performance “Short stories of long waiting” –  crowning the meeting with seniors and multicultural workshops – held on 21 June 2014 and was set in an international celebration of World Refugee Day. Several hours performance took place on the bus stops, with the final in Square Wiecha.


The project is realized with financial support of of the Warsaw Municipality, of the Targówek district and UNHCR Poland.

Partners: Dom Kultury “Zacisze”, Klub “Kołatka”, Fundacja “Ocalenie”, Ośrodek dla Uchodźców na Targówku
Media partner: Kontynent Warszawa, Refugee.pl, Purpose