ARIADNE 2012 >

Tomasz Gromadka and Alicja Borkowska took part in an international conference called “Art for intercultural adaptation in new environment” organised in Budapest on 29-30 November within the international project “Ariadne”. Additionally, they ran a theatre workshop for conference participants and the local community.

The Foundation presented their methods of theatre work with amateurs in a multinational and multicultural group, which they use in Poland. The Foundation representatives shared the knowledge and experience that they gained during organising workshops and creating performances with foreigners living in Warsaw, as well as while engaging them in educational and culture promotion actions. A part of the conference was a three-hour-long theatre workshop, during which the participants, mainly theatre practitioners from all around the world, could experience the effectiveness of the Foundation’s drama techniques – they were improvising verbally and physically, creating short scenes and monologues. The starting point for exercises and improvisations was the story of an Afghan refugee Jan Nawazi, which the participants watched on film. During the workshop we gave the participants some tools which they will be able to use in their work with multicultural groups.

The representatives of Strefa WolnoSlowa got in touch with numerous organisations dealing with integrating foreigners through art in Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Finland and Hungary. They learnt a variety of ways to integrate foreigners through art that inspired them to combine theatre with other arts, and which will become the basis for creating the Foundation’s international projects in the future.

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