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    August- November

    Free Polish lessons!

    Classes are intended for beginners with knowledge of other Slavic languages. The lessons will be held in the Old Town Cultural Centre (Rynek Starego Miasta 2 in Warsaw. The course will last from August to November.

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    Strefa / BY project

    Strefa / BY project is an interdisciplinary artistic action initiated by the performers of the Strefa WolnoSłowa of Belarusian origin. The group was inspired by the events taking place in Belarus since August 2020, which were directed against the regime in that country. As part of the action, the artists share their experiences of the revolution in their country while being in exile, referring at the same time to the stories of their relatives and friends directly involved in the protests of recent months.

    Interactive audio-walking Strefa / BY project

    What is it like to be far away when a revolution is happening in your country? Are there protests, arrests? This question became the impulse to start the Strefa / BY project initiated by the performers of the Strefa WolnoSłowa of Belarusian origin. A group of several people was formed, which has been meeting regularly since autumn 2020. At the meetings we talk a lot about what is happening in Belarus, what happens to people close to us, who are at the heart of the events. And about what it is like to be in Poland at the moment, following the news from home via Telegram and other communicators. We talk, we write, we translate words and emotions into movement and sounds.

    On 9 August and 9 September we will share our work with you, inviting you to performative audio-walks through the streets of Warsaw, which for a while will become for us the streets of Minsk.

    When you go for a walk, take a charged phone with internet access (a power bank will also come in handy if your batteries drain quickly) and headphones. All texts and sounds will appear during the event in the form of a radio broadcast. The link will be provided before the event.

    Join us!

    I walk down the street / I walk down the prospect / I walk / past the circus. / I see people. What time is it? / Why are there so many people? / What’s going on? / I haven’t been in this town for a long time. / I haven’t been in this country for a long time. / It’s been a long time since I’ve been here… / Everybody’s looking at the pages. / All the conversations so quiet. / But they’re going.  / They’re moving on / What’s that? / Discord. / Discord to live like this.

    Creators: Lizaveta Bibikava, Alicja Borkowska, Ray Dickaty, Rita Guretskaya, Maksim Jus, Veranika Los, Joanna Mueller, Bazhena Shamovich, Sasha Shapielevich Aliaksandr Unukovich, Lukasz Wojcicki


    Social Dramaturgies

    Social Dramaturgies is a continuation of cooperation between Teatr Powszechny and Strefa WolnoSłowa Foundation. The idea of the project is to create artistic events which are the result of joint work of artists with the local community – people not professionally connected with art, of various ages and cultural backgrounds.

    The project includes events within the School for Community Playwrights – a creative and training group for those already writing and those interested in writing for engaged theatre, which is centred around the idea of community creation, drawing on the real stories of project participants. The musical part of the project is again taken care of by Sound in Space Orchestra, a grassroots space for beginners as well as professional musicians, and a place for everyone interested in experimenting with sound, musical improvisation and learning to listen. The open group created under the baton of Ray Dickaty will give concerts and invite other musicians, as well as work on making their own instruments.
    As part of the Social Dramaturgies project, you can also join the Intergenerational Movement Choir – an activity addressed to people 50+/-, which brings generations together through movement, gymnastics, choreography and dance. The Choir’s programme is built on movement tasks and choreographic exercises, which will be developed during a workshop lasting several months and ending with an open show for the public. The work on movement and choreography of the IMC uses dance and gymnastic modules adapted to the current physical abilities of the participants.

    All project events from April to December 2021 will be accompanied by a programme of meetings and workshops on ecological and social issues – The Common Garden, which includes a sensory and sound installation for toddlers FOREST.



    The project is implemented with the financial support of the City of Warsaw.