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    August- November

    Free Polish lessons!

    Classes are intended for beginners with knowledge of other Slavic languages. The lessons will be held in the Old Town Cultural Centre (Rynek Starego Miasta 2 in Warsaw. The course will last from August to November.

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    Warsaw’s centre for migrant artists

    Are you a migrant artist and want us to share your work at our centre?
    Contact us: migrart.waw@gmail.com

    More about the project on our website: www.migrart.waw.pl

    About Migrart.waw.pl
    Migrart.waw.pl – portal presenting male and female migrant artists has a new, nationwide version! Together with Staromiejski Dom Kultury, Promo Gallery and other institutional partners, we are planning networking meetings, workshops for artists and Polish language classes for creative people in the coming months. Migrart was created to connect artists of different origins with representatives of the world of culture and art in Warsaw, but also in other Polish cities! We invite all migrants dealing with art in all its forms and presentations to register on the portal, which will help to promote your work and enable you to participate in networking meetings or training sessions proposed in the near future. Interested institutions and organizations are welcome to contact us and cooperate in building a more inclusive, multilingual and diverse culture!
    Networking meetings

    On 30 July we invited migrant artists to a workshop as part of the Migrart.waw.pl project. The workshop took place at the Rotary Cultural Centre in Jazdów.

    Part 1.
    – Self-presentation workshop

    Part aimed mainly at actresses and actors.

    The workshop was led by Marta Kowalska, casting director and directing student.
    Acting support – theatre and film actor, theatre pedagogue – Michal Pawlik.
    Casting consultation – Marta Kownacka, casting director.

    We will focus on self-presentation techniques, including body language, tone of voice, we will talk about “tricks” of working with the camera. And what about the selftap? We’ll work together to stage in front of the camera and record professional business cards.

    Part 2.
    – workshop with a psychologist “me in the world of art”.

    A part aimed at all artists.

    Workshop led by Agnieszka Zielonka, psychologist and artist (languages: English, Polish, Russian)
    About proficiency, motivation, stress reduction techniques, turning challenges into positive action….

    Part 3.
    – workshop with a PR expert

    Addressed mainly to visual artists.

    conducted by Jarek Skotnicki
    Jarek Skotnicki worked for many years at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he helped young artists find their way in the job market. He currently works in PR and is an art and acting agent.

    We invite you to the next workshops and meetings starting in September.

    Free Polish language lesson

    Free Polish language lesson for women and migrant artists.

    The classes are intended for beginners who know other Slavic languages.
    Lessons will be held at the Staromiejski Dom Kultury (Rynek Old Town 2 in Warsaw). The course will last from August to November.

    You can subscribe to two groups:
    Group A: Mondays and Wednesdays 9.00-10.30
    Group B: Mondays and Wednesdays 11.00-12.30

    The number of places is limited. Persons associated in the migrart.waw.pl database have priority in the entries
    Applications (including name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number and information about the knowledge of the language) should be sent to the e-mail address: galeriapromocjska@sdk.pl

    Teacher’s biography:
    Karolina Szczypek – studied Polish at the University of Warsaw and theater directing at the Theater Academy. Playwright, translator and social activist. She cooperated with the New Horizons Association, conducting original lectures for children and youth. As a carer, she supported a day-care center for children with refugee experience initiated by the Strefa WolnoSłowa Foundation. In his theatrical work, he deals with topics such as: human rights, abuse of power, anti-fascism and the subjective presence of groups at risk of being marginalized or marginalized in public space. As part of her residency at TR Warszawa, she worked with Polish and Belarusian artists on performative reading of the text “Wygnanie”. Together with the Polish-Ukrainian cast, she prepared a show of work on Olga Maciupa’s drama at the Ochota Theater. Time for Pilates. He gives private lessons in Polish and Russian. Recently, she completed the Polish Humanitarian Action workshops on discrimination and working with stereotypes, as well as preparing to respond to hate speech and support people who experienced it.

    Migrart.waw.pl is co-financed by the City of Warsaw