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    August- November

    Free Polish lessons!

    Classes are intended for beginners with knowledge of other Slavic languages. The lessons will be held in the Old Town Cultural Centre (Rynek Starego Miasta 2 in Warsaw. The course will last from August to November.

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    If we were cats, nobody would stop us

    Questions, reports, interviews, accounts, notes, scraps of biography, images and sounds. Collected on the Balkan route, they became an inspiration to create a performance on the border of theatre, dance and multimedia installation, telling the story of a man who waits at the border, at the threshold of Europe. A man whose fate is governed by regulations, laws, statutes, directives and ordinances changed from day to day; created in office buildings, far from the transit camps for refugees improvised by international volunteers.

    About the performance

    The script of the performance is based on a real correspondence carried out by volunteers at the border in Opatowiec via the Whatsapp app in autumn 2015. This correspondence became the starting point for an attempt to talk about the refugee journey, about the situation of uncertainty and expectation, and finally about how media messages are far from the individual stories and motivations of people travelling to Europe in flight from war. The concise style of whatsupps, almost devoid of emotion, is juxtaposed with monologues, snippets of conversations – an attempt to “give voice” to those who do not have this voice every day, who are for us well-known from the media, but still an anonymous mass nomadizing constantly in a camp. Apart from the voice, we want to give refugees back their individuality, give them a face and humanity.

    The performance is based on movement as much as on words. The choreography is inspired by Rudolf Laban’s theory, which perfectly fits the situation of imprisonment, the need and desire for expression in a limited space, in a situation of powerlessness and lack of influence over one’s own situation. According to Laban, dance should be able to express what we are not able to tell and convey in words. The direction of movement was determined by Laban on the basis of the three-dimensionality of the human body, its three axes and the planes formed from their connections. The combination of these planes results in a cube, in which movements also run diagonally to its corners. This cube is in a sense a trap in which the dancer is trapped.

    “If we were cats, nobody would stop us”.  This was the slogan written on cardboard by refugees during one of their protests against their endless detention in temporary camps. “We don’t want to sit here forever. We want information about what they will do with us next. Nobody is telling us anything. We are tired of living in emptiness and fear.” (TVN24).

    Directed by: Alicja Borkowska
    Dramaturgy: Przemysław Pilarski
    Cast: Goo Ba, Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska, Katarzyna Stefanowicz
    Video visuals: Maria Porzyc
    Music: Ray Dickaty


    Calendar of shows

    Performance premiere:
    19 and 20 May 2017
    Stół Powszechny, Warsaw

    Next shows:
    16 September 2017
    Ostrołęka Cultural Centre
    festival programme: http://www.ock-ostroleka.pl/imprezy/inqbator-dzien-2

    3 and 4 November 2017
    MET , Bologna

    19 and 20 November 2017
    Stół Powszechny
    20 Zamoyskiego Street, Warsaw

    Spektakl odbył się w ramach międzynarodowej wymiany artystów w ramach projektu Beyond Theater  i towarzyszyły mu warsztaty prowadzone przez artystów z Polski w MET BO.

    Wymiana artystów była współfinansowana ze środków Komisji Europejskiej – Programu Kreatywna Europa w ramach projektu “Beyond Theater”. Ten projekt jest realizowany przy wsparciu finansowym Komisji Europejskiej. Publikacja odzwierciedla jedynie stanowisko jej autora i Komisja Europejska nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za umieszczoną w nich zawartość merytoryczną.

    Spektakl powstał w ramach projektu „Stół Powszechny – miejsce spotkań twórczych” współfinansowanego przez m.st. Warszawa.