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    August- November

    Free Polish lessons!

    Classes are intended for beginners with knowledge of other Slavic languages. The lessons will be held in the Old Town Cultural Centre (Rynek Starego Miasta 2 in Warsaw. The course will last from August to November.

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    A sensory and sound installation for the youngest.
    FOREST is a space for discovering, touching and listening, providing shelter from the rush and noise of the city, a place of rest, carefree and smart play.

    About the instalation

    We like taking walks in the woods, the smell of leaves, of the earth and the air. The silence of the forest which is reverberating with a thousand sounds, with peace, bliss, relaxing deep breaths among the trees and constant movements – trees, branches, birds, animals.

    In FOREST we tried to recall all these inspirations through shapes, forms, textures and sounds, to create a shelter from the rush and noise of the city, a carefree place to rest.

    We were introduced to the world of the forest by the story of a tree which, before it became a real tree, lived as a small seed in a warm, soft, fragrant and moist soil. The open structure of the performance allowed the children to smoothly move from the viewer’s position to the role of an active participant who gets to know the richness of the FOREST with all its senses.

    FOREST is a space for touching, experimenting, pulling, playing, rolling and squeezing. A space that responds to the natural need of the younger ones to explore the world, to play together with their parents and with other children. It is a space for acting and observing.

    concept and animation: Katarzyna Stefanowicz, Weronika Chinowska
    set design and execution: Ewa Woźniak, Barbara Wojtkowiak
    music: Ray Dickaty
    starring: Katarzyna Stefanowicz, Weronika Chinowska
    cooperation: Inga Tolsdorf, Ida Bączek, Vera Arslaner, Ada Tymińska
    technical support: Magdalena Duszyńska-Sasin
    graphics: Karolina Kotowska
    photos: Pat Mic

    Performance time: 10-20 min depending on the age group. Playtime: 30 min.
    Duration of the entire event: approx. 60 min.

    Due to the specificity of LASU, all spectators are requested to remove their shoes before entering the installation space. It is also obligatory to wear masks covering mouth and nose and to disinfect hands.

    We welcome children aged 6 months to 3.5 years with their parents.

    Instalacja jest realizowana w ramach projektu „Dramaturgie społeczne”, organizowanego przez Teatr Powszechny w Warszawie i Fundację Strefa WolnoSłowa, dzięki wsparciu finansowemu miasta stołecznego Warszawy

    Calendar of shows

    28 October 10.30am and 12.30pm
    Further performances:
    29 and 30 October 10.30 am and 12.30 pm
    7, 8 and 9 June at 10.00 am and 12.00 pm

    Social Dramaturgies

    Social Dramaturgies is a continuation of cooperation between Teatr Powszechny and Strefa WolnoSłowa Foundation. The idea of the project is to create artistic events which are the result of joint work of artists with the local community – people not professionally connected with art, of various ages and cultural backgrounds.

    The project includes events within the School for Community Playwrights – a creative and training group for those already writing and those interested in writing for engaged theatre, which is centred around the idea of community creation, drawing on the real stories of project participants. The musical part of the project is again taken care of by Sound in Space Orchestra, a grassroots space for beginners as well as professional musicians, and a place for everyone interested in experimenting with sound, musical improvisation and learning to listen. The open group created under the baton of Ray Dickaty will give concerts and invite other musicians, as well as work on making their own instruments.
    As part of the Social Dramaturgies project, you can also join the Intergenerational Movement Choir – an activity addressed to people 50+/-, which brings generations together through movement, gymnastics, choreography and dance. The Choir’s programme is built on movement tasks and choreographic exercises, which will be developed during a workshop lasting several months and ending with an open show for the public. The work on movement and choreography of the IMC uses dance and gymnastic modules adapted to the current physical abilities of the participants.

    All project events from April to December 2021 will be accompanied by a programme of meetings and workshops on ecological and social issues – The Common Garden, which includes a sensory and sound installation for toddlers FOREST.




    The project is implemented with the financial support of the City of Warsaw.