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“At first we received only a hard, sharp, awkward seed; the meeting is often terribly painful; however in the most unlikely places , the seed blossomed , opened , released it’s aroma , allowed us to touch , to experience , look around, and it recovered all feeling and understanding, after years lost ” Virginia Woolf “Mrs Dalloway”

I plant to see what comes. I hope to see what germinates , what transforms . What flowers of love, leaves of age will stem from me? My roots deep in the soil of the city where I came and went. Maybe in season, fruit will grow and I will spread and sow in other gardens .

Workshops will stimulate participants to create and develop a performative act around the theme of ‘garden’. We will explore trajectories, cartographies, spaces and redefine the word and ideas of the garden using maps, walks and seeds.

At the end of the workshops there will be a sharing of the created material with a discussion around the research and themes that took place during the week.

The workshops will be led by Juliana Sanches and Rodolfo Amorim, artists from grupo XIX de teatro, de São Paulo, Brazil. The group has fifteen years’ experience of exploring the role of actor as dramaturg, how the body relates to unconventional performance spaces and how the audience is actively part of it all.

The workshop will take place from 3 to 11 of September in Stół Powszechny. Meetings during the weekend 3, 4 September and 10, 11 September will be held from 11.00 until 19.00. During the week – from 5 September the group will eventually meet the artists in the hours agreed directly between workshop leaders and participants.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge, places available are limited. To sign in pls contact Alicja Borkowska:

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