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Mondays – once a month:
27 November 2017, 18 December 2017, 22 January 2018, 19 February 2018
Time: 7.00–9.00 p.m.

At the workshops, under the watchful eye of sax player Ray Dickaty and other members of the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra, we engage in musical improvisation using our voices, sounds of the urban jungle, and everyday use products. Workshops are open both to those who own musical instruments and to amateurs interested in learning the rudiments of composition and experimenting with sound or voice. Participants will take their first steps in the art of musical improvisation where the sounds of traditional instruments are fused with the urban soundscape, voices, and non-instrumental music.

Ray Dickaty and musicians involved with the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra
Ray Dickaty is a sax player and composer who has released more than 60 recordings with a variety of musicians. He participated in a wealth of concert tours, appeared in TV and radio programmes all over the world. Currently based in Warsaw, he remains a significant presence on the Polish musical improvisation scene. Member of Trifonidis Free Orchestra and founder of Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra, an ensemble dedicated to spontaneous music making on a large scale, created as an opportunity for musicians to play in a large, improvising band.

7.00–9.30 p.m.

Self-designed classes where creative writing gets fused with avant-garde writing techniques (futuristic, surrealistic). Drawing on personal experiences and stories, the workshop serves to create a diverse body of texts: fragmentary narratives, memoirs, monologues, biographies, pieces exploiting neologisms as the dominant stylistic feature. We do not shirk from global issues faced by the modern world: wars, social and economic tensions, migrations. The texts are read aloud and discussed in group.

Tomasz Gromadka – playwright, organiser of cultural events, an occasional poet. Playwright for many projects run by the Strefa WolnoSłowa foundation, including the Warsaw Asylum project. Author of scripts to the following plays: ‘Missing’, ‘I Speak To You Of Poland’, ‘We Have Not Passed All There Is To Pass’. Organiser of writing and drama workshops for people of various ages and social backgrounds. Two of his plays, ‘Deportation’ and ‘Arab Nurses On Strike’ were printed in the Polish ‘Dialog’ monthly.

CLOSENESS IN MOTION – workshops for children and parents
Saturdays: 9, 15 December; 20 January; 3, 17, 24 February;
12.00–1.30 p.m.

Closeness in Motion was created to experience movement and closeness… and have fun while at it. The workshops are an opportunity for parents and children to develop a new form of communication, enjoyable for both parties. Children work on their motor skills and self-confidence, parents gain more trust – both in themselves and in their offspring. For children, learning to control their movements becomes a starting point on the road to consciously processing their emotions, also in social situations.

There will be running, jumping, rolling, flying and falling, laughing, and learning to unleash our spontaneity. Get ready for exhilarating fun and a massive boost of positive energy.

We leave our grown-up lives outside. What counts most is our mindful PRESENCE.
The fundamental principle behind the workshops is the lack of any duress or the necessity to master any technique – which doesn’t imply the absence of rules.

Single entry: PLN 30 (parent + child)
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Katarzyna Burzyńska – psychologist and performer, exploring movement as an alternative form of communication and a tool for growth. Trained in a variety of dancing techniques, which she puts to use as a member of the SzurSure art collective. Her expertise in working with children comes from many years of experience giving dance lessons, conducting art therapy and fairy tale therapy at an oncology ward, and working in a kindergarten as a therapist for children with developmental disorders and those who present challenging behaviour.