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Strefa WolnoSłowa invites Warsaw inhabitants – Polish and foreigners, youth, adults and seniors, migrants and refugees – to participate in artistic workshops and too create together a unique theatre performance within the public space of Praga in June 2017.

Workshops are open for everybody no matter what age, sex, cultural or religious background and/or any previous artistic experience.

Information meeting for everyone interested:
7 March (Tuesday) at 7 p.m. in Stół Powszechny
(workshop space in the Teatr Powszechny on Zamoyskiego street n 20)

Throughout the  range of the project, which will run from the beginning of March until June 2017, different workshop groups will be created:

MUSICAL (Mondays 7-9 pm.)
During the workshops we will improvise different kinds of “non-idiomatic” music lead by musician Ray Dickaty and occasionally with participation from other members of the Warsaw Improvised Orchestra. We use our voices, the sounds of the city, musical instruments and everyday objects, such as from our kitchens. The workshops are a way of preparing the musical part for the final performance of the project.

THEATRE (Tuesdays-Thursdays 6.30-9.00 pm)
Here, together with the theatre team of Strefa Wolnosłowa, we will tell stories, write, take part in  basic theatre and actors tasks, theatre games and improvisations. We will work on the dramaturgy and various scenes for the final performance in June!

VIDEO/VISUALS (Wednesday 6.30-9.00 pm)
Together with the video artist Maria Porzyc we experiment with slow motion animations and video projections designed for the theatre. We will shoot short documentary forms, edit, draw, get to know how to work with the video images on the stage together with actors and dancers.

DANCE/MOVEMENT (Fridays 7.00-9.00)
We work with different dancers and use diverse methods of working with the body. Here, movement and dance are for everyone and we want all to enjoy it. We dance and move and therefore strengthen our bodies!

All the workshop meetings are held in Stół Powszechny (workshop space in the Teatr Powszechny at Zamoyskiego 20 street)

To reach the theatre take a bus n 509, 517, 135, 166, 138 or tram n 7, 25.
The bus/tram stop is called Al. Zieleniecka.

Participation in the workshops is free of charge,
There are a limited number of the places available.

For more info and to sign up for any of the workshops, please contact:
Alicja Borkowska
tel. 602 256 775
Tomasz Gromadka
tel. 512 375 162

More information about our foundation Strefa WolnoSłowa can be found at: www.strefawolnoslowa.pl