Sound in Space Orchestra concert >

16th of December 2019
8 p.m.
Stół Powszechny, Zamoyskiego 20 Warsaw

Sound in Space Orchestra is a collective group of sound performers who have participated in „Sound in Space” music workshops led by Ray Dickaty, being held by Strefa WolnoSłowa Foundation since 2017 in Teatr Powszechny. The aim of these workshops is to create sound by musician or non-musician participants from different cultures and background in a collective free-improvisational activity.

The core group consists of members of the S.I.S Orchestra and Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra, with newer members of the current music workshop group also taking part.

The group consists of practicing musicians and non-musicians and relates to how we perceive the relationship of sound in space.

This is part of a larger “Deep Listening Exercise”. Using what are generally considered “non-musical” objects as sound sources combined with voices, the group will create an abstract immersive sound space in order to heighten the aural experiences of the listeners under the conduction of Ray Dickaty”.

Entrance is free!