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Workshops: 2nd-6th May 2018
- workshops for foreigners living in Poznan within the framework of Strefa Wolnosłowa`s residency.

Strefa WolnoSłowa invites foreigners living in Poznan to take part in the PEOPLE project, a session of workshops based on a story and movement, during which, using theatre tools, we will reflect on the humans’ attitude towards animals and how it shapes our relations with others and the world.

It has been already a long time since we denied who we really are. We have created an artificial opposition between the human and the animal. It is as if a bee wanted to become more than an insect, a tree forbid others calling it a plant. It seems like we don’t only situate ourselves next to other animals but, first of all, above them. We create meat factories, refusing to see animals as feeling creatures. We give ourselves the right to kill them for pure pleasure. Moreover, we also divide our own species, separating those who we treat “humanly” from those who are “savage”.

We will try to look at descriptions, images and the language, which is used to refer to the acts of control and killing humans and animals. We will confront the dictionary of hunters, activists fighting for animal and human rights and the language of commerce and politics. Original interviews and documentary materials will inspire our actions on the stage.

Director: Alicja Borkowska
Text: Przemysław Pilarski
Choreography: Łukasz Wójcicki

Our workshop group is open for all, regardless of their previous experience in artistic or theater work and Polish language level. Our workshops will be mostly based on verbal and physical improvisation, creative writing exercises on the stage, storytelling and movement inspired with animal flow.

Please, sent your applications to: a.kolodziej@scenarobocza.pl
Deadline for applications: 30th April 2018
In your application write a few words about yourself and why you are interested in taking part in this project. You can also write about your previous artistic experiences.

Workshops: 2nd-6th May 2018

The project is carried out in cooperation with Scena Robocza, Strefa WolnoSłowa and Teatr Powszechny im. Zygmunta Hubnera in Warsaw.