If you wish to take part in an interdisciplinary artistic undertaking and learn some Polish along the way (or improve your communication skills in this language), meet new people, and learn about new forms of expression through art, feel invited to participate in a new multicultural project by Strefa WolnoSłowa.
For a few next months, in the workshop space of Stół Powszechny (at the Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw), we are going to talk, improvise, write, narrate, read, dance, record videos, take photos, create sounds, listen, interview, and collect stories.
Together we will prepare a script, choreography, music, and visual aids for a performance to be staged in June 2019.

Thursdays, 6.30–9.00pm
and weekends: 7, 8 March 2020, 28-29 March 2020, 25-26 April 2020

Participants and Strefa WolnoSłowa team will work with the body, sounds, and words – we will write, narrate, improvise using words and gestures. We will reveal acting capabilities of ours and other participants to feel well when creating together. We will tackle the basic acting tasks, games, and theatrical improvisation, we will move a lot, prepare the stage and dramatic composition for the performance to be staged in June.

The workshops are to be led by: Alicja Borkowska (coordination, direction), Artur Pałyga (dramaturgy), Katarzyna Stefanowicz (choreography, stage movement), Dorota Papis (actors training).

Mondays, 7.00–9.00pm

Participants will improvise under the eye of Ray Dickaty, a saxophone player, and other members of the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra.
We will use our voice, sounds of the urban surroundings, instruments, and everyday use items to create the music and listen to it. We will prepare the musical composition for the final performance.
All the workshops are free of charge and take place in the workshop room at Stół Powszechny.

You can apply for participation in one or more workshops.
Application form: LINK
The number of places is limited.
We accept applications until 13/02/2020
We will send you information about qualifying for the workshop no later than February 15.

If you have questions or need more info please contact us:
602 256 775