performative installation
8 and 9 December, 12.00 pm – 6.00 pm
Stół Powszechny / Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw
On 8 December at 7.00 pm we invite you for a performative tour around the installation with the participation of the authors, organised at the workshop space of Stół Powszechny.

Adam Durjasz (HU) / Ivana Drenjanin (SRB) / Kseniya Homel (BY) / Pavlo Lukowy (UA) / Agnieszka Nasierowska (PL) / Mohammed Rezazadeh (IR) / Inga Shemaeva (RU) / Daniel Sadr (IR) / Michał Salwiński (PL) / Izabela Stolarska (PL) / Ada Tymińska (PL) / Dorian Widawski (PL)
Neighbourliness, or the Borders of Closeness is an invitation for young creators of diverse backgrounds to engage in art projects with migrant groups and to reflect on our social responsibility for being together.
By asking questions about the identity shaped at the juncture of experiences and observations gathered in their countries of origin and in Poland, the authors of the performative installation will build a space allowing us to explore together their creative interventions, rooted in their biographies and combining performative and visual arts. This space will be built to delimit the moving place on the map of art initiatives transpiring in the mental and territorial borders of Polishness.
We’ve been hearing a lot about borders in recent years. New divisions are made in public debates, media reports, state documents, and everyday conversations. The notions that used to give us a relative sense of security are altered and redefined.
In the face of such radicalisation of opinions, disseminated almost immediately among the masses by the media, multiple artists ask questions and form alternative answers on the topic of the modern public sphere, both using the familiar means of expression and looking for new tools. The artists are asking: who and on what terms can freely participate in the public sphere? Who and why is denied that right? They also comment the opinions of those who decide about our co-existence and mutual attitude.
We answer with Neighbourliness, or the Borders of Closeness: being together in process and in action, forming together intimate experiences that combine performative arts with the documentary or social component, creating based on small and personal gestures of sensitivity or stories, but most importantly, exploring the identities of others and ourselves, discovering empathy towards those who appear in our life as a manifestation of the “other”.

The following artists shared their knowledge and expertise to create the Neighbourly Academy: Alicja Borkowska / Karolina Kulis / Kris Łukomski / Marta Maliszewska / Michał Mioduszewski / Igor Stokwiszewski / Agnieszka Różyńska / Jaśmina Wójcik.

I’mbalanced: what is home?
A space of open communication where we consider diverse perspectives to form connections between various visions of home.

The (un)written page
On translating man into formal language and on that which need not be.
Performers: Maksym Kuzmych, Roman Bulychew, Maksymilian Markariants

Hortus clandestinus / The secret garden
In my piece, big words from the public discourse are contrasted with the images of migration formed by children who haven’t got the chance to express their thoughts by way of “serious”, “adult” concepts yet. Stories of little migrants are juxtaposed with narratives of city dwellers originating from small towns and villagers.

A Personal Piece / Two-channel installation
The piece tells a story of a meeting between a Pole and an Indian at their workplace, which happens to be a Warsaw restaurant. The story offers an insight into their relationship. In this personal narrative, the author describes a meeting in the city, giving the city back what he has received.

¿Nombre? Mujer
Analysis of a woman’s role in a society dominated by men. An attempt to confront the Audience with their own experience. An opportunity to find a common denominator with people living thousands of kilometres away. Finally, a time to reflect whether the Latino “macho” type is truly the man of our dreams.

I change 1 passport to 6, 7…
Photos and stories of people from various Balkan countries which once used to form a single state. Regardless of their backgrounds and conflicts, people of the former Yugoslavia share similar problems, yearnings, and dreams.

urban space
Have we chosen the best possible place to live and work? What do we lose by creating the city, how much do we miss by imagining the countryside, where do we get by escaping those categories?

Where are my shoes?
I feel Polish, I speak Polish, I identify with this country. And people keep asking where I’m from.
This film tells how I feel about it.

Neighbourliness, or the Borders of Closeness is a project implemented by Strefa WolnoSłowa, curated by Agnieszka Różyńska, and co-funded by the Capital City of Warsaw.

Partners: Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw, Scena Robocza Resident Theatre Centre