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2 LIPCA 2018
The Venarable W
France, Switzerland, 2017, 100 min.
Directed by: Barbet Schroeder
Cinematography by: Victoria Clay
Producers: Lionel Baier, Margaret Ménégoz
Production: Les Films du Losange, Bande à Part Films
Selected festivals and awards:  2017 – MFF Cannes / IFF Cannes, 2017 – MFF Nowy Jork / IFF New York, 2017 – IDFA Amsterdam / IDFA Amsterdam

In Burma, the “Venerable Wirathu” is a highly respected and influential Buddhist monk. Meeting him amounts to traveling to the heart of everyday racism and observing how Islamophobia and hate speech lead to violence and destruction. Yet this is a country in which 90% of the population has adopted Buddhism as a faith: a religion based on a peaceful, tolerant and non-violent way of life.

9 LIPCA 2018
The Poetess
Germany, 2017, 90 min.
Directed by: Stefani Brockhaus, Andreas Wolff
Cinematography by: Tobias Tempel, Stefanie Brockhaus
Producer: Andy Wolff
Production: Brockhaus / Wolff Films GbR
Selected festivals and awards: 2017 – IDFA Amsterdam / IDFA Amsterdam, 2017 – Dok Lipsk / Dok Leipzig, 2017 – MFF Locarno / IFF Locarno, 2017 – MFF Dubaj / IFF Dubai, 2017 – AAF Gdańsk / AAF Gdańsk

Hissa Hilal is the voice from behind the veil. Her weapon is her word. Hissa is a self-taught writer and she says what she thinks. She decides to take part in the “Million’s Poet” show, an Abu-Dhabi based TV show. It is the Arab world’s biggest poetry competition, and it is dominated by men. Hissa works herself up, becoming the first woman in the finals.

16 LIPCA 2018
Dolphin Man
Greece, Canada, France, Japan, 2017, 80 min.
Directed by: Lefteris Charitos
Cinematography by: Stelios Apostolopoulos GSC
Producer: Rea Apostolides, Yuri Averof, Ed Barreveld, Estelle Robin You
Production: Anemon Productions, Les Films du Balibari, Storyline Entertainment Inc.
Selected festivals and awards:  2018 – FF Miami / FF Miami, 2017 – FF Adelaide / FF Adelaide, 2017 – FF Tokio / FF Tokio, 2017 – FF Saloniki / FF Saloniki

Discover the story and legacy of Jacques Mayol, the legendary free-diver whose life became the inspiration for Luc Besson’s cult-movie “The Big Blue”. “Dolphin Man” draws us into the world of Jacques Mayol, capturing his compelling journey and immersing viewers into the sensory and transformative experience of free-diving. From the Mediterranean to Japan and from India to the Bahamas, we meet Mayol’s closest friends and family, including his children Dottie and Jean-Jacques, and world free-diving champions William Trubridge, Mehgan Heaney-Grier and Umberto Pelizzari, to reveal the portrait of a man who reached the limits of the human body and mind, not just to break records but hoping to discover the deeper affinity between human beings and the sea. Narrated by Jean-Marc Barr, the actor who famously portrayed Mayol in “The Big Blue”, the film weaves together rare film archive from the 1950s onwards, with stunning contemporary underwater photography, to discover how the “dolphin man” revolutionized free-diving and brought a new consciousness to our relationship with the sea and our inner-selves.

23 LIPCA 2018
Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist
UK, 2018, 78 min.
Directed by: Lorna Tucker
Cinematography by: James Moriarty, Sam Brown
Producer: Eleanor Emptage, John Battsek, Shirine Best, Nicole Stott
Production: Finished Films, Passion Pictures
Selected festivals and awards: 2018 – FF Sundance / FF Sundance, 2017 – FF True/False / FF True/False, 2018 – CPH:DOX Kopenhaga / CPH:DOX Copenhagen

With exclusive, unprecedented access, “Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist” is the first film to encompass the remarkable story of Vivienne’s life, her fashion, her personality, her activism and her cultural importance.

30 LIPCA 2018
Grace Jones – Blodlight and Bami
Ireland, Great Britain, 2017, 116 min.
Directed by: Sophie Fiennes
Cinematography by: Remko Schnorr
Producer: Sophie Fiennes, Shani Hinton, Katie Holly, Beverly Jones
Production: Amoeba Film, Blinder Films, Sligoville
Selected festivals and awards: 2017 – CAMERIMAGE, Bydgoszcz / CAMERIMAGE, Bydgoszcz
”Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami” takes the viewer on an intimate and electrifying journey that moves between four cinematic layers – performance, family, artist and traveller – to explore the fascinating world of this pop cultural phenomenon. Here we see her behind the mask as a daughter, mother, sister and grandmother, alongside taking to the stage for a specially commissioned performance, with legendary hits including Pull Up to the Bumper and Slave to the Rhythm showcased in full. Larger than life, bordering on cartoon, wild, scary and androgynous – Grace Jones plays all these parts.