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GODS – premiere 23th of June >

We invite you to participate in a new performance of Strefa WolnoSłowa Foundation. This time we play on the Big Stage of Teatr Powszechny – on 23th of June at 7 p.m.

After the performance the jam session of the musical workshop group leaded by Ray Dickaty is planned.

Most aspects of social life rely on our belief in things that, in fact, are not there; we make decisions believing that there will be a future, very often a future dependent on factors not existing in the real world (for example, we raise a mortgage believing that in 20 years we will be able to keep paying the interest back). It is the belief in the Imaginary that distinctively separates humans from other animals and helps create narrations which, among other things, cause the human to declare himself “god” in relation to other beings or people.

In a multi-cultural group of amateur performers and people involved in art, we confront the topic of faith as a factor organising our lives. We reflect on how our belief in the free market, universal justice, a world without borders and sustainable development impacts our daily choices and our functioning in the world. We draw from the group’s members’ direct experiences – refugees, migrants and people of the Polish origin, we ask what they believe in, what are afraid of, what they have influence on in the everyday life, when they are in doubt and when feel like gods. We confront our beliefs with superstitions, stereotypes and the holes of those beliefs. In other words, we attempt to shed light on the largest difference between the human species and other animals.

Cast: Emil Arkuszewski, Valentina Baudolyno, Agnieszka Bąk, Ewelina Brudnicka, Marta „Tsu tsu“ Chlebicka, Amok Choreomaniak, Łukasz Cybiński, Barbie Herman, Olga Honharuk, Vira Hres, Katarzyna Iwańska, Magda Janiszewska, Runak Kadr, Kasia Katana, Olga Klochko, Agnieszka Korniłow, Alona Kozyr, Maciej Jan Kraśniewski, Pavlo Luhovyi, Elżbieta Mazur, Diego Meza, Joanna Mueller, Marta Nowicka, Khavra Pashaeva, Mohammadreza Rezazadeh, Anna Romanenko, Basia Rostek, Reza Samadzadeh, Aliaksandra Shapialevich, Valentina Sorochan, Kumar Sudheir, Angelika Szkołuda, Misiek Szy, Kamilla Tantasheva, Farid Torabpour, Monika Trzeciak, Monika Tuniewicz, Jacek Twarowski, Aliaksandr Unukovich, Supriya Wardejn

Director: Alicja Borkowska
Text: Przemysław Pilarski, collaboration: Tomasz Gromadka
Choreography: Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska, Katarzyna Stefanowicz
Actors training: Dorota Papis
Music: Ray Dickaty and participants of the music workshops of Strefa WolnoSłowa
Video: Maria Porzyc and participants of the visual workshops of Strefa WolnoSłowa
Production managers: Magdalena Duszyńska Łysak, Weronika Chinowska

Entrance is free after booking a ticket by e-mail at:

Project co-financed by the European Commission – Creative Europe Program as part of the Beyond Theater project