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 “A Jar of…”

WHEN: 17 and 19 December 2018 from 11.00 to 14.00 (or later if somebody is interested in the individual consultations)
WHERE: Plan B, Plac Zbawiciela

The workshop consists of two meetings for the same group. At the first meeting, each participant will design its own food article to be sold in a jar. We’ll think about meals for next meetings, how to tap the potential of recipes of other participants, and find out how to best describe and display the article so that it sells for as high price as possible on a Christmas auction. The second meeting will involve cooking – we’ll prepare, label, and photograph jars.
What will I learn?
You’ll learn how to prepare a product for sale. We’ll calculate how much it should cost, how it should look like, and how it should be distributed.
Why is this workshop worth attending / For whom is this workshop?
The workshop is intended for people who like preparing tasty meals.
What to bring to the workshop
You don’t have to bring anything. All utensils and groceries you’ll need will be provided.
About the instructor

Misia Przeradzka is a designer and a culture expert. In 2012, not having had much money, she managed to establish a catering business together with her mother. Since then, they’ve processed hundreds of orders. The greatest event they catered engaged 600 participants and lasted two days. Despite years of work in the food industry, she still loves cooking and throwing parties. She also has son Lew with her husband Franek.

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