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June 25 – July 1, 2016

Four cities: Warsaw, Paris, Antwerp, Bologna, over 100 participants from 20 countries all over the world – citizens of Europe, newcomers, refugees, migrants of 2nd and 3rd generation. ATLAS is an atlas without a scale, in which individual, often close to us and everyday happenings, descriptions of childhood and memories of important moments are entangled with milestones in the history of the continent and tales of those who came to Europe recently and who tell us about their experience from the stage.

The festival included performances by Strefa WolnoSłowa form Warsaw, Cie Check Points from Paris, kunstZ from Antwerp, and Cantieri Meticci from Bologna – theater groups working with migrants and refugees for years. The project call invited all the teams to create performances based on several months of theater work among migrants and seniors, during which the actors were confronted with the issues of identity, memory, crossing borders, different points of view regarding common history, survival strategies in times of war and crisis, coping with different past and common present by people with different cultural and religious background, living in the same city or district.

ATLAS Festival, through theater and music events, provided an opportunity to tackle the issues of collective memory, community, racism, migration, and integration policies of individual European countries – all through the prism of individual stories of people who had to face the trip to Europe, or who share within the performances their political unrest experiences.

The festival is the culmination of an international project run by Strefa WolnoSłowa: “History ATLAS Under Construction:, ending in December 2016 with the creation of an online history ATLAS inspired by the monumental “Mnemosyneatlas” by AbyWarburg.

June 25, 2016

18.00 Refugee Atlas – introduction / inauguration lecture by Paweł Mościcki
The lecture focused on basic understandings and inspirations of the Refugee Atlas currently coming to being. We learned new themes that ended up in the final version of the atlas and listened to the theoretical discussion on the basic concepts designating the horizon of the “History Atlas Project Under Construction” run by Strefa WolnoSłowa. We also heard stories about Aby Warburg – the main person behind the idea of creating an atlas of the contemporaneity and the history of migration.

20.00 BARAN – concert
Baran is a Kurdish word. It means: rain.
Rain cleanses, refreshes, creates something NEW.
Just like the group, whose compositions are new arrangements of Persian and Kurdish music works. Baran consists of artists with different cultural backgrounds and musical experiences.
At the inauguration of the ATLAS festival the group plaied original compositions and standards of music from the Middle East and from the former Persian Empire.
June 26, 2016

12.00 common breakfast with boardgames of Ludoteka Roszada



kunstZ / Antwerp

June 26, 19.30
Zygmunt Hübner Powszechny Theatre / Small Stage
“Walking in your shoes” is a meeting of more than a dozen people in a maze of small rooms. Nobody knows anyone, nobody knows nothing anything about anyone. Who are they? What are they doing here? What are they afraid of? Do they fear the looks of strangers? The beating of their hearts? Are they afraid to breathe? Would they want everything to be easier?
Starring: Dara Sheikhi, Enrica Camporesi, Karolina Maruszak, Lamine Diouf, Leila Ahmadi, Laetitia Keim, Louie Hashem, Mellany Banis, Mohamed Daman El Haimoud, Mustafa J. Aldoujaily, Osama Abo Amro, Rasim Asan, Saif Salloomi, Shirzai Khalilullah, Tawfeeq Al-Najafi, Thiruja Vasantharajah.

Director: Greet Vissers
Musicians: Alec De Bruyn, Cornel Coca, Reindert Swaegers
Choreography: Marjolein Elsink
Video: Salvador Gieling
Production Designer: Katrijn Baeten
Musical composition: Alec De Bruyn
Technical Director: Stijn Grupping
Producer: Freija Bosmans
Based on texts by: Coetzee, Williams, Medhat Mohsen


Strefa WolnoSłowa / Warsaw
“I have drawn more than you can see here”
June 27, 21.00
Zygmunt Hübner Powszechny Theatre / courtyard
How does memory work, what do we remember, what do we forget? How to recreate familiar places, people, emotions from scraps of memories and recollections? The stimulus behind the creation of the show were last year’s events related to the arrival of refugees to Europe and to the reactions of our society to this phenomenon. How did it happen that we had forgotten that we ourselves were once refugees, that had to flee from war or persecution? The inspiration for the work of the multigenerational group from Strefa WolnoSłowa, where the refugees, the migrants and the Poles met, was the book I remember by Georges Perec, a fragmentary tale about Paris, recalling memories, small events of everyday life, places and stories we cannot find in history books, but ones which significantly formed the fabric of everyday life.

From the stories of the participants of Strefa WolnoSłowa’s workshops emerges a multitude of images describing the history of the post-war era from the perspective of people of Polish origin and of those who have come to Poland in search of a better life, love, escape from persecution.

Small stories are interwoven with the events of the big history, and the viewer is invited to put this scatterred puzzle into theirown atlas, where they can decide which of the events and images are the most important in the description of today’s world.
Starring: Teresa Ferraris, Viera Hres, Anton Snotau, Veronika Los, Jolanta Pacewicz, Barbara Bernard, Alejandra Castelblanco, Krystyna Gielecińska, Aliaksandra Shapialevich, Izabella Pietura, Kamilla Tantasheva, Barbara Herman, Alma Sarahi, Tashi Woetsang, Fenglan Xu , Darinka Nedeljkovic, Yona Aloewie, Diah Anggraini Martin, Małgorzata Zagajewska, Elżbieta Mazur, Justyna Laskowska-Otwinowska, Magdalena Andrzejewska, Abdellah Yamani, Yu Koyanagi, Vita Shkaraban, Olivia Klochko, Mamadou Ba, Andrzej Krzymowski, Magdalena Derrien, MartaSzepietowska, Bartłomiej Smoleński, SzymonBarzyc, Thomas Hildenbrand, Magdalena Zawadzka, Karolina Soja, Iryna Kovalchuk, Maria Roguska, Monika Śliwińska, Bogdan Melniczuk, Tatiana Roslyak

Director: Alicja Borkowska
Artistic supervision: Paweł Łysak
Texts: Tomasz Gromadka, Katarzyna Mazur, Artur Pałyga, Przemysław Pilarski
Music: Ray Dickaty
Choreography: Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska, Katarzyna Stefan
Visualizations: Maria Porzyc
Production: Weronika Chinowska, Magdalena Duszyńska-Łysak

“What we are hiding”
June 28,19.30
Zygmunt Hübner Powszechny Theatre / Small Stage


“One of the basic characteristics of the phenomenon of immigration is that it contributes to hiding the truth about oneself. No one knows –neither the immigrants themselves, or their countries of origin, nor the societies hosting immigrants. No one knows, or rather does not want to know, whether the immigration is a permanentor temporary condition. (…) No one wants to admit that immigration is often a definitive resettlement”. Abdelmalek Sayad, sociologist.

Ten young people follow the footsteps of their parents and grandparents, reproducing fragments of their history and memories which they are trying to put into words and images. Together they analyze the inherited legacy. At what point was it interrupted? Why do young French people of foreign descent know so little about themselves? Towhat extent did the silence of their parents have an impact on their integration process?
The search for one’s roots becomes kind of a game in inventing a genealogy that combines fragments of memories with the ghosts of the country of origin.
Starring: Ludivine Bah, Johanna Camara, Dorette Guibado, Julien Eugène, Mathieu Eugène, Aurore Nguidjol, Aude Hurlot, Aurélie Hurlot, Antony Nelzy, Yohan Padel and Manjita.

Directors: Hélène Capelle, Alice Thalamy and Linda Fahssis
Music: Anita Traoré
Video:Jibbé Poggi
Cooperation: Pietro Floridia, Alek De Bruyn, Reindert Swaegers, Paweł Mościcki, Weronika Chinowska

kunstZ / Antwerp
“Dying for life”
June 29, 18.00
Zygmunt Hübner Powszechny Theatre / Small Stage
Wait… this is a journey that I have also took – says one.
Everything we told is the truth – shouts someone.
You must trust us, this is not fiction – adds another.

International press conference with false reports becomes the scene of a dance macabre, a dance of death. Each stage of life, birth, life, and death, lose their meaning in a continuous and infinite repeatability. You have to take an important, desperate decision: to die for life.

“Dying for life” is directed by Osama Abo Amro, Syrian director from Aleppo, who came to Belgium where he got the political asylum. He came to Antwerp last spring and lived for several months in a refugee center in Kapellan, where he met six other refugees waiting for asylum who joined the work on the performance. In September 2015 the group became part of kunstZ Academy, where they received support for the production of the performance.

Starring: Osama Abo Amro – Fahad Jabbar Atiyah Al-Azzawi – Tawfeeq Younus Al-Najafi – Mustafa Jawad Aldoujaily – Saif Salloomi Sarhan Alhilali – Mahmood Alrawi – Carolina Maruszak – Mohamed El Dahman Haimoud – Louai Mohamed Hashem – Dara Sheikhi
Director: Osama Abo Amro
Cooperation: Enrica Camporesi


 Sztuka Nowa / Warsaw
June 29, 19.00
Powszechny Garden

How can one tell that what is happening is a dream? Why is Praga inhabited by so many artisans? Must the affair with a stranger, with the other, be marked with violence? Or maybe every romantic relationship carries an element of evil? And who are the Loldiers of Odin?
The leading piece in “PASS IT ON – theatrical platform for the exchange of techniques”, directed by Sean Palmer, is the “Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare. The result of the work will be a moving art created by 7 youth theater groups, which exchange techniques and inspirations during monthly meetings. The project enables young people aged 15-19, coming from different backgrounds, to meet. It is an intense experience, during which young people living in various life situations work with performative methods in order to learn communication, dialogue, and a broader look at the socio-cultural reality and to confront various experiences.

Director: Sean Palmer
Artistic director: Dawid Żakowski
Artistic supervision: Daniel Brzeziński, Nela Brzezińska, Karolina Dziełak, Urszula Hajdukiewicz, Roman Holc, Kasia Jarczak, Kamil Polański, Kacper Poszytek, Anna Schmidt, Sebastian Świąder, Maciej Tomaszewski, Zofia Wronka
Koordynacja: Karolina Dziełak

Cie Check Points / Paris
“Psst, silence! / I said… keep quiet!”
June 30, 19.30
Zygmunt Hübner Powszechny Theatre / Small Stage
The production is an interdisciplinary project focusing on issues of communication and memory in the migration experience in France.

Basing on field research,the CK POINTS theater group residing in College des Bernardins faced biographies of three people from Colombia, Algeria, and Morocco, who came to France 30 years ago for economic reasons. All three of them have deep relationship with both their countries of origin, where they grew up, and France, where they settled and started families. They also share being quiet regarding issues related to culture they disown and hidden differences. Between duality and their internal conflicts, the characters talk about the problems faced by migrants and their children, about the generation suspended between the past and the present. Starting from personal stories and using fragments of literary works, the creatorsanalyze processes of cultural communication and of forming a complex identity. Referring to recent events, the productioncombines crude language, written texts, archival recordings and music.
Collective work by Cie CK-POINTS
Artistic supervision: Linda Fahssis
Authors of the project: Hélène Capelle, Chawki Derbel, Linda Fahssis and Alice Thalamy
Video: Jibbé Poggi
Choreography: Flora Rogeboz
Music: Anita Traoré

TICKETS: 25 zł regular, 15 zł reduced


Cantieri Meticci
July 1, 19.30
Zygmunt Hübner Powszechny Theatre / Small Stage
If life was like a circus show, what would it be like? What happens with the mental balance of a Palestinian, who plays a Jew, who in turn plays a Nazi? Is art able to save one’s soul? Or rather their skin? Or maybe it can’t save neither of them? Is history like a railway track or a (bicycle) wheel? These are only some of the questions asked in a performance by the Cantieri Meticcitheater group, inspired by the story of Nathan Englander about the inhabitants of a Jewish village, who during the Second World War make a bold attempt to save lives pretending to be circus acrobats.

Dramatistand director: Pietro Floridia
Assistant directors: Alice Marzocchi and Francesco Simonetta
Starring: Abrham Tesfai, Alessia Del Bianco, Antar Marincola Arianna Bartolucci, Karen Boselli, Matteo Miucci, Michele Dore, Moussa-Molla Salilh, Natalia De Martin, Nicola Gencarelli, Ossama Karamane, Sanam Naderi, Valentine Grana, Younes El Bouzari, Youssef El Gahda
Music: Alessia di Eugenio, Antonio Masella, Enrico Calvalieri, Filippo Bonazza, Gianluca Nicola Di Fiore, Giuseppe Scuccimarra
Stage Manager: Angela Sciavilla
Production Designers: Luana Pavani, Davide Sorlini
Costumes: Cristina Gamberini



June 26, 21.00

The creators of ATLAS productions and musicians associated with the Warsaw improvised scene play together at the Powszechny Garden.




Organizer: Fundacja Strefa WolnoSłowa
Partners: Teatr Powszechny  im. Zygmunta Hübnera, Miasto Szczęśliwe, Stół Powszechny, Cantieri Meticci, CK Points, kunstZ, Instytut Badań Literackich/ Magazyn Widok, Universita di Bologna, ARCI, Muzuem Sztuki Nowoczesnej, Ludoteka Roszada
Media partners: Dwójka Polskie Radio, TVP 3 Warszawa, Gazeta Wyborcza, Co jest grane 24,,, Activist, Kontynent Warszawa


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