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Asylum Warsaw 2021
As every year, we invite you to collaborate with Strefa WolnoSłowa!

The project is addressed to everyone who would like to try their hand at interdisciplinary artistic activity in a multicultural group, and at the same time learn some Polish (or improve their communication skills in this language), meet new people and new forms of expression through art, and finally – together prepare an artistic event in June 2021 as part of the World Refugee Day.

This year we are opening 4 workshop groups: two theater groups, a drama group and a choreographic group.

For the next few months, we will talk, improvise, write, tell stories, dance, read, make short films, take pictures, create sounds, listen, conduct interviews, collect stories, exchange experiences and skills, spend our time together.

All of this live as well as online. Depending on a current epidemic situation, we will operate in Stół Powszechny/Powszechny Theater, at Jasna 10 in the Krytyka Polityczna Center, in the city space (parks, squares, etc.) and online.

The Strefa WolnoSłowa’s workshop is a joint creation in multicultural groups, where we share stories, experiences and knowledge.
Meetings are held in Polish and English with possible translation into other languages ​​of project participants.

We invite everyone to participate – regardless of the level of knowledge of Polish / English or previous artistic experience.

You can apply to participate in one or more types of workshops (see below).
More about Strefa WolnoSłowa and the workshop leaders:
If you have any questions, please contact:, 602 256 775
All activities are free. The number of places is limited.
We accept applications until March 3, 2020
Information about qualifying for the workshops will be sent no later than March 5.

GROUP 1 Wednesdays, at 18.30-21.00
GROUP 2 Thursdays at 18.30-21.00
Together with the Strefa WolnoSłowa team, we work with space, body, voice and words – we write, tell stories, improvise with words and movement, and work with music and sounds. We get to know our own and other participants’ creative possibilities in order to feel good in the joint artistic activity. We undertake the challenges of basic acting tasks, games and theatrical improvisations, we move a lot, talk, create scenes, drama and choreography in preparetion for the June event.
The workshops will be conducted by:
Alicja Borkowska (coordination, director), Artur Pałyga (dramaturgy), Joanna Mueller (dramaturgy), Katarzyna Stefanowicz (choreography, stage movement), Ray Dickaty (music), Łukasz Wójcicki (anti-violence and movement workshops)

Weekends: March 20, 21; April 24, 25; May 29, 30; June 12, 13; at 11.00-18.00
Workshops are a space for developing physical fitness, motor coordination and body awareness. It is an opportunity to meet your own body and its possibilities, which we will constantly expand. The method of work will be movement improvisation through tasks, elements of dance and physical theater, there will also be work with sound and rhythm. The first part of the classes will include a warm-up, basic movement and gymnastic exercises and dance tasks tailored to the participants’ abilities. In the second part of the workshop, we will implement topics that stimulate imagination and creativity – individual movement, duo, group, space, rhythm, sound, silence, etc. An important source of inspiration will be the city space, selected elements of architecture, sounds.
The workshop will be conducted by: Katarzyna Stefanowicz

Weekends: March 13, 14, April 17, 18, May 15, 16; at 11.00-18.00
The meetings are a joint creative process – they will be focused on research, conducting interviews, writing texts and building the drama of the June artistic event. We will talk, search for stories, create networks between people, texts, images and bodies. The classes are aimed at people who are interested in dramaturgical work with multicultural groups, want to explore stories and biographies – with particular emphasis on the stories of people from migrant and refugee groups.
The workshop will be conducted by:
Artur Pałyga (dramaturgy), Alicja Borkowska (coordination, director), Igor Stokfiszewski (dramaturgy)

The workshops are a part of the Hear and React project financed by the Active Citizens – National Fund program financed by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.