STREFA WOLNOSLOWA was founded by a team of young people specialized in theater, literature, photography, cultural animation, cultural and artistic projects, as well as in film and travel journalism.

Our goal is to organize theater, artistic, cultural and educational activities aimed at intercultural and intergenerational dialogue.  We are interested in initiatives where the boundary between art and social intervention is blurred,  raising current problems of Poland, Europe and the world. We involve people from various social groups in artistic activities which promote taking an open attitude towards social reality.

Through international artistic projects, interdisciplinary activities and initiatives involving refugees and immigrants living in Poland we promote intercultural dialogue, European integration and human rights.  Our interest lays in broadening human rights knowledge, analyzing current world affairs, as well as discovering new, innovative methods of cultural animation and multicultural education.  Owing to this we also take part in research projects, social campaigns and conferences.



Alicja Borkowska

The president of Strefa Wolnoslowa foundation. Coordinator of theater projects, director, expert in the field of theatre (MA in art at The Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy in Warsaw. She studied in DAMS department at Bologna University, where she also successfully completed an ATER Formazione postgraduate course in multicultural events organization). She took part in organising many theatre festivals in Poland and abroad.  For many years she worked for Teatro dell’Argine/ITC Teatro  in Bologna, where she coordinated multicultural projects and ran theatre workshops for immigrants and refugees. She was the co-curator and coordinator of „La Scena dell’Incontro“ festival, and she assisted TdA directors in the following plays: „Rifugio Italia” (2008), „The Metamorposis“ (2008), „La strada di Pacha“ (2009), „America, America” (2009), „Il Muro” (2010), “Il viaggio…”(2010) „Candido…” (2011).

Alicja is the originator and director of artictic projects involving immigrants and refugees (inter alia Tragitti migranti”, “Del rispetto della legge”, “Rifugio Europa”, „Exile Warsaw“, „The Migrating Theatre“)

For many years she has been running theatre workshops for kids, teens and adults in schools and theatres, in Poland and abroad.  She is the author of theatre workshops “From reality to metaphor”, which she ran during the V International Theatre Schools Festival in Warsaw. Additionally, she participated in Emilia Romagna ISCOS project in a juvenile prison in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, where she was giving theatre classes. Moreover, she took part in a project of Teatro dell’Argine and Al-­Harah Theater from Beit Jala in Palestine, working as director’s assistant on the co-production of Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis".

Apart from the theatre, her work involves photography and video animation. She made several animated films and installations for theatre plays at Teatro dell‘Argine („La strada di
Pacha“, „La trilogia sull’individuo sociale“, „Report dalla città fragile“).

Alicja is the originator and coordinator of foundation’s theatre projects, within which she runs  workshops and directs performances, such as “Exile Warsaw”, “Migrating Theatre”, “Open!” She is the director of “The Grass is Greener Here”, “I’ll Bring my Backyard Here”, “I Cannot Stay Here, After all ”. Coordinator of the 1st Transeuropa festival in Warsaw.

Weronika Chinowska

Promotion specialist, theatre workshops assitant.

An expert in the field of theatre and promotion specialist in Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw. She graduated from the Theatre Studies Department at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw. Additionally, she studied in Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático in Madrid, Drama and Direction Department.  An intern in Communication and Development Department of Dramatyczny Theatre. In 2009 she worked on “Zawirowania” Dance Theatre Festival. She took part in the third edition of International Theatre Schools Festival.


Tomasz Gromadka

Dramaturg, coordinator responsible for contacts with schools and other institutions.  He graduated from The Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy in Warsaw, where he obtained MA in art. For the last few years he has worked as a journalist specializing in art and culture, especially the theatre and TV series. He cooperates with daily newspapers and monthlies.

The dramaturg of “Exile Warsaw”, and the author of texts for performances such as “The Grass is Greener Here”, “I’ll Bring my Backyard Here”, “I Cannot stay Here, After all”.

He runs theatre workshops for kids, teens and adults, and is the co-author and co-coordinator of foundation’s theatre projects.


Joanna Szyndler

A member of the board, the editor-in-chief of “Podroze” magazine. She graduated from Tourism and Recreation. Additionally, she studied in Finland and Vietnam. In her scientific research she concentrated on the influence that tourism has on the culture and society of Asian countries.  As a journalist, she promotes individual and sustainable tourism and organises travel events.  She also does photography and has successfully completed a workshop on photo reports at the Academy of Photography in Warsaw.

In the foundation she helps with coordinating activities, as well as runs journalism and reportage workshops.


Maria Porzyc

Maria Porzyc - graduated of the School of Art in Lublin and the Department of Ceramics and Glass at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. She has started working with multimedia scenography eight years ago. She is the author of more than 30 productions: monodramas, musical theater and as well as opera pices. Interest in art created "live" and improvisation resulted - which continues to this day - in cooperation with Pawel Passini and team neTTheatre. She works with Strefa WolnoSłowa, Theatre Association Chorea, Theatre Institute and Museum Polin. She uses video, various types of animations and interactive live projections. Parallel to the theater work she makes the vj-Ing. She creates visuals at concerts of the band Tatvamasi. Her works and projections for the play "Morrison / Śmiercisyn" were awarded at the XX International Puppet Theatre Festival "Meetings" in Torun.



Ray Dickaty

Saxophonist, composer, arranger, Improvising musician. Appeared on more than 60 recordings with many artists. Member of Spiritualized (1997-2002), Moonshake (1994-1997), Skree (1992-1996). He has participated in numerous concert tours and appeared on television and radio around the world . As a member of Spiritualized was responsible for the arrangement of the brass section . Played on the album of Dr John‘s „Anutha Zone”  as well as the album of Spiritualized  ”Live at the Albert Hall”, „Let it Come Down” i „Amazing Grace”. As a member of band Moonshake played with Stereolab,  Cornershop and Pj Harvey. With his band Solar Fire Trio he recorded three albums. He has collaborated with many artists Moose, Lush, Durutti Column, AMP, The Duke Spirit, Six by Seven, Damo Suzuki, Slipstream, Thighpaulsandra, Soulsavers (Mark Lanegan), Sonic Youth, Suicide, Super Numeri, John Moores Revolution 9, Michael J Sheehey i The Flowers of Hell.  Cooperated with Eddie Prevost, fundator of AMM, and he played with improvisers: Philip Marks, Chris Corsano, Brigitte Kuepper, John Butcher, Lol Coxhill, Carlos Zingaro, John Edwards, Martin Kuchen, Jeffery Morgan, Evan Parker. Resident in Poland, he is an important and active member of the Polish Improvised music scene – he has founded  the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra, a project conceived for the exploration of large scale group improvising. The group of more than 50 musicians meet once a month in Chmury club. Cooperated with  Strefa WolnoSłowa Foundation  since  2015 – prepared the music to two performances „Bycyckle Thievs” and „ I hear thrashing glasses of champagne”. Now he  is  running a music workshops in a range of ATLAS Project.